I is for . . .

Inspi(red) toes. I had all but sworn off pedicures (one too many scary news exposes on the horrors of the dirty spa bowl), until I looked at my heels and thought hoof rather than foot. My neighbor Jeff goes and gets pedicures - he calls it "getting his pigs done." This was a similar thing. They needed it! So, I pick a nice dark red and sit down to have the pedicure done. This woman made such quick work of my pedicure that as I dinked around with my phone programming numbers and she so quickly applied the color, I was surprised to see the finished application was not the color I picked! More of a stripper orangey-pink. I decided not to make a fuss and paid and left. At least I'm back to having feet!

Another favorite "I" is Indian, as in Calcutta and Bombay and curry and cumin. I could eat Indian food at least once a week, if not more. One favorite place here in San Diego is Sarati Farsan. Totally vegetarian and so daaah-licious. They play Indian music videos in the restaurant as you dine. Very fun and casual.

I is also for in back of - as in the cute wallpaper that was in back of a couple layers of paint in the bathroom we just re-did. Someone must have applied this in the 40s when the house was built. I really like it.


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