Tuesday, August 28, 2007

O is for . . .

Today makes 2 months since my dear sweet Oreo left his earthly cat life. And what a 2 months it has been. Still hard to fathom he's not returning, and I still make daily additions to the river of tears I have cried. Strange things do it. Shopping near the supplement aisle still draws me in with that feeling of hope that I would find a cure, an elixir that might save him. The baby food aisle is another one. Those meals were all he could/would eat towards the end. Anything black and white - it can be a car, someone's jacket, a painting - I see it and his presence comes shining out of it. Songs. We had a special one toward the end that I would play (by the Be Good Tanya's) - called the Littlest Birds. Here you can hear it and see the video. If you scroll down on this page and click The Littlest Birds, that's the song. I can't quite hear it yet. I used to sing it to him and it made him do 'happy tail.' Another song is the music on the iPhone commerical which they play constantly every night on TV!! It's by Orba Squara and it's called Perfect Timing. It just brings back a flood of memories and feelings.

But, as others who have lost beloved pets, we move on. Alicia at Posey Gets Cozy who just lost her dear black and white dog Audrey says, "one foot in front of the other." She has a wonderful way of expressing her loss and it has helped me. We have to make diligent efforts to get on with life. My heart says crawl in bed and sleep, but my mind knows that won't help matters. I do still think I'll see my Oreo again one day if there's something after this. I hope there is. This letter O is so special and close to my heart.

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