San Francisco: Part Four - Dogs!

What can I say? I love animals. And when there aren't cats around to be photographed, well, there are the friendly faces of dogs! First up: Gus. Gus was sitting outside a shop in Berkeley and we came up to pet and talk with him. J. read his tag and that's how we knew he was Gus. About an hour later, walking on another block, we came upon Gus and his owner walking. I looked down at Gus as they were passing us and said in a normal tone of voice, "Hi Gus." The guy walking him looked at me funny as if to say, "How the heck do you know Gus?" I giggled to myself. Gus is a player. Oh yeah. His owner doesn't know everything he does! Also, even though Gus may look somewhat geriatric, he is a spry little guy.

Next up: Chief. We met Chief and his owner at Crissy Field near the marina. Crissy Field is where all the windsurfers sail and the day we were there it was packed with people, windsurfers, and dogs! Chief is a total lover boy. Chasing the ball into the ocean, digging deep holes on the beach, and generally having a great time. He was certainly entertaining us. We talked briefly with his owner, telling him how cute Chief was, and he said, "Yep, and he gets away with murder!" I'm sure of that.

Following Chief is pooch number three, with a lovely black and white coat. I love all things black and white. Can't imagine why.
This is like a dog fashion show!

And lastly, a blurry picture of Smoke, the schipperke. Smoke was minding the store at Castle in the Air in Berkeley on Fourth Street. He sat there quietly, darker than the darkest ink, staring up with adorable, sparkling brown eyes. We bent down to pet him and he melted into a bundle of gratefulness. What a dear, sweet doggy. Excuse the blurry picture, but Smoke had to be included here.


  1. Oh my god! Dogs, Bell'Occhio, AND yummy Italian desserts? What more could we ask for? (Mayhap PRESENTS from said Bell'Occhio? Oh wait, I DID get presents from Bell'Occhio--which is hard to type repeatedly, have you noticed?)


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