Tuesday, August 07, 2007

D is for . . .

* Domino - my childhood dog. (I'm totally copying my buddy at Foziewisp!) Anyway, there was a litter of puppies down the street and for my 5th birthday my Mom got me a darling black puppy. He was a poodle, and after his first clip we were surprised to see that underneath his puppy coat was a new coat in silver! We used to get him completely "done up" with bows and painted nails. Here he's in his summer "puppy clip" which I liked best.

* Daisy - the name I think Saylor's name should be. J. named her Saylor because he sails and windsurfs. But, to me, she's a Daisy! I call her that sometimes for the heck of it and I think she likes it. But she wags her tail at almost anything! She is absolutely darling. Just look at her here sweetly looking at the Christmas tree.

* Demolition - There seems to be no end to our home renovations. I know I shouldn't complain because it is nice to be able to improve things, but . . . for instance today we created more drywall dust than an Arizona sand storm. It seems that for most projects, before we can make it better, we must rip out the old and decrepit. Husby J. believes that a man should not just be judged by what he builds, but by what he tears down. He also believes that doing the demo yourself allows you to save a few bucks. He is Scottish, and these folks know how to make a dollar s t r e t c h. Following are a few highlights from three of our demolition projects - first the kitchen, next the bathroom, and lastly the front of the house!

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