Saturday, August 18, 2007

H is for . . .

Hialeah! It is the place of my birth and an area of Miami. Specifically, I was birthed at Hialeah Hospital. So here I am gettin' some air on my swing set in the backyard of our house. I remember I would get going so high that one leg of the swing set would come off the ground! Xtreme sports!

Also, just for reference, in 1959 when I was born, it was during the Cuban embargo and we had many Cuban neighbors. I remember Pablo and his family who lived next door. They came to the US via a 90-mile raft trip. No lie - on a raft that they built. Pretty amazing how many Cubans (~2 million) actually made that trip (not all on rafts!?) to find a safe haven in the US.


  1. Hey, who's that adorable girl on the swing? Cute haircut!

  2. Why that would be moi. And funny thing: I just got that same haircut!


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