Tuesday, August 28, 2007

L is for . . .

Labrador Retriever. Ours, Saylor, is such a great dog. She is now totally on the mend after her bouts with tumors. We are very hopeful she is 100% again and going to live a nice long life. No more animal tragedies please. This old heart may just stop ticking.

Another pair of adorable labs, Butters and Bebe (of Southpark fame) belong to my work colleague and friend, Dirk, and his wife Ashley. How cute are they? That's Bebe on the right all puppy-like and snorgled in next to Butter's who probably wasn't positive, at first, why they needed another one!

L is also for . . . lymph nodes. I was all in a tizzy yesterday after discovering what I thought were swollen lymph nodes above my collar bones. Wrong. Here's the punch line. The doctor said it's subcutaneous fat. Neck fat was never so welcomed. I had a new lease on life upon leaving the doctor's office.

And, L is for . . . letter writing. Almost a lost art, but such a wonderful thing. I try to send hand-written notes and cards when I can. I don't write nearly enough of them I know, but it's something to put on that goal sheet when all the other stuff on that sheet is done. Through the years my Dad, Mom, and Grandmother wrote me tons of letters. I saved them all. Addition to goal sheet: organize and place all letters in nice box.

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