M is for . . .

Here she is in all her leggy glory. My Mom was born in Cologne, Germany in 1926. My grandmother named her Liselotte, which she quickly changed to Joanne when she was 17. She was a hat model for a bit and as you can see here the girl could strike a pose. My granny's name was Wilhelmine Hubertina Slavic. Quite the trio of names if I may say so.

M is also for marks woman. Me, here, with my little .22 complete with scope for good target practice. We are/were a family of guns. Not me, but my Dad had a collection and my brother does still. I'm pretty much anti-gun/anti-hunting, but here I am: little girl with gun!

This picture is of My brother. Good excuse to use the "M" for that. What a sweet face. And dig that groovy cardigan.

And how about mini-skirt? Don't you just love this little get-up? White knee socks and all! I wonder if this was something I picked out. I don't remember. But I do remember rockin' the knee socks at any opportunity. This blog has clearly taken a turn. It is now the Pictures of Robin as a kid Blog.


  1. "M" is for My Goodness, someone has been busy. "L" is for Love the photos, from Saylor's sweet face to Little Miss Robin. "N" is for "No Way, Buster, I'm Not Working for YOU Again." And "O" is for Oreo, plain and simple.

  2. "M" is for "My goodness! But I think you've found this year's Halloween costume! Get out those knee socks and give Austin Powers' girls a run for their money, baby!


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