Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Moments

Easter day was a lot of fun, full of family and food. The day before, Saylor received her blog giveaway prize from Stephanie at Crafty Lolly, so she had her Easter outfit all ready. The bandanna turned out so beautifully, and even had her initial on it, which Stephanie said stood for "special" as well as Saylor. Cute. It snaps under her chin. I picked out the fabric - which you can do when you buy a bandy from Stephanie here at her Etsy shop.

We had Easter at my belle mere's, as per usual. Before the kids arrived (Candace's daughters, Alexa and Chloe), Kyle and Danny hid the eggs around the yard.

Then...just before the hunt, the Easter bunny showed up, a.k.a. Fred (James' brother) in the bunny suit. Every year, one of the brothers dons the suit and makes an appearance for whatever children are there. This year, little Chloe was not so thrilled and there were tears. Some children are not so keen on 6 foot tall storybook figures coming to life and walking up to them! But Alexa was all smiles.

Even Saylor hunted for eggs. Ha! Seriously, she wasn't back there, ahem, for any other reason but to snork around hunting eggs!

There was no shortage of sweets either, and the table was set with plenty o' goodies. The center "lamb" was a yummy pound cake (surrounded by petit fores). The two on the left are carrot cakes, compliments of me, and, um, Trader Joe's. There were lemon tartlets and an explosion of French-ness (there in front) - from French Gourmet bakery - it was covered in profiteroles, cookies, strawberries, and other delicacies. Yowza! It was a layer of pastry at the bottom, then custard, then whipped cream, thennnnnnnn all the goodies on top. OMG! As a bit of a funny, I piled some bright pink Peeps on a plate at the back - for more color. No one had one. Ha! I wonder why? Could it be because they're radioactive!


  1. Wow, what a feast, and the pictures are amazing. It's so nice to see some pics of you and the family. Saylor looks very cute in her bandy, especially sniffing around for eggs??

    Matthew just sat down beside me, and thinks that everything looks very tasty!!

    P.S. I love your new thumbnail picture!!

  2. Your Easter looks fantastic!! So fancy :)


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