Only Best Intentions

I guess I should have thought about a few things before deciding to keep a snail in a terrarium - a snail that was living just fine at the nursery which is an entirely different habitat. And now, I must report that little Snodgrass is no longer with us. I found him on Sunday, expired. Assuming he was not an elderly snail, I'm not sure why he died. I have thought of a few other sad reasons which make me feel not so good, so I won't burden you with my sad snail thoughts. Boy, I get attached to things! In his stead, however, he has left Snailma: a tiny, shell-less version of himself. His/her offspring? Maybe. Was also in the gooshy chunk o' baby tears that I got from the nursery, and previously microscopic until now? Maybe. I did more reading after finding our little Snodgrass, and in addition to the leaves, etc. that they will eat, they also eat carrots. This morning, I noticed the above picture happening. I put the carrot in last night. I'm thinking as soon as Snailma grows a shell, she perhaps should be relocated back to the nursery. I think the delicate balance inside this terrarium may be too hard to maintain. And I don't like lording over any life, even ones this small.


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