Happy Bunny Day

I had brunch with my in-laws this week, and it's always a special little event. The table is set, and we sit and enjoy our snack (this time brioche w/orange marmalade and cinnamon rolls!) with good coffee and conversation. I love going over there. I step through the door, and it's pretty much instant peace.

Mary's pretty daff-o-dillies:

Sometimes when I visit, we work in a little walk over to French Gourmet, just around the corner. On this trip, their pastry case was overflowing with beautiful Easter-themed delicacies. We ordered some pettifores for Sunday.

Right by the front door, as you walk in, you'll find Mary's latest Ikebana creation. This is such a pretty one - so filled with emotion. When I looked at it, I saw Rumer in it. Rumer (named after Rumer Godden) was my in-laws little Lakeland terrier who just passed away almost two weeks ago.


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