Typewriter Love

Love this picture of my buddy DeDe, who lives in Tallahassee (where I lived for 10 years after going to FSU). Here she is using her Dad's Hermes 2000. Way cool.

This picture made me drag out my Dad's Smith Corona Deville Deluxe. I have literally a full box of letters that he typed me on this machine. This is an image I pinched from the Interweb to show you, but mine looks 'zactly like it. It even has the perfect case, manual, and little receipt for its purchase taped to the inside of the case. I feel so blessed to have it. Typing on it, knowing my Dad typed on it so many times gives me that feeling of connection to him. I've been missing family a lot lately - my mom passed away when I was 24; my Dad, four years ago; and my step mother, just over a year ago. Only a few of us left... Life is a gift and every day is another opportunity to cherish what we have and be grateful!


  1. Robin...from the little I have known you through blogging I have no doubts at what a good person you are and how much joy your parents received from you. Missing them must be difficult...I am sorry for you. I hope the Spring brings you happy thoughts full of color and sunny days.

  2. That is very true. I know I take my family for granted. It's hard to let bygones be bygones.

    Cool typewriters!

  3. Look at that little green sexy girl, she is awesome!!


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