Friday, April 17, 2009

Out on the Bay

I was all slated to have lunch w/ a friend earlier this week, but instead she suggested a boat ride on the harbor. Her parents are from New Zealand, and they keep a boat (I think a 60' boat is called a yacht) here in San Diego. It was a blustery day and my first reaction was to say no, because I really wanted to have lunch. But, in my quest to say YES more, I went and it was really fun. The views from the water were beautiful. As we cruised out, Holli and I sat out front in the wind. It was pretty chilly, but it totally perked me up. I had been kind of sleepy that morning. Well, having the cold, sea air in your face erases the sleepies!!!

A few pictures as we walked out to the boat:

I loved the flags on this boat:

A few of the sights out on the water:

The helm on the boat:

The skyline of San Diego from out on the water:

As we were leaving, I noticed a long wall of pictures of sailors in the yacht club, who I guess were members there at one time. Neat, Hemingway-esque photos...


  1. Lucky you!! Living in Kansas gives a person sort of a fairy-tale image of the ocean. Growing up I always wanted to be a marine biologist. In college my hubby and I did our internship together at a cut flower farm in Brookings,OR, right on the coast. I ADORE the ocean. Very jealous right about now :)

  2. LUCKY GIRL, it sure is a bonus living on the coast. I agree, the boat with the flags is so pretty. Looks like you had a wonderful day, and the cabin is gorgeous with all the wood.


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