We were just having a little yogurt and granola. Like any other morning. The fur-children were peacefully enjoying the brisk breeze coming up the canyon. The sun was shining.

There was even a little inter-species snorgling. Note the extreme dog paw/cat tail close up:

And then, someone with cat whiskers decided to climb to the top of the screen as if trying to escape a Turkish prison! James extracted her (Kate) from her runway and we got this face (click on picture to enlarge it). Note: he's actually being gentle with her - it just looks like he's holding her tightly! Trust me, they rule the roost!


  1. Your cat is funny! I think she must win the best dramatic feline award! Hope your week is good...

  2. I love the two of them looking out the door. The longing, the agony of being inside is too much. Aren't they such a cute pair?


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