Who Knew? Jemm Knew.

In my haste to make-it-all-better in my head thinking ANOTHER snail was living in the terrarium already, since Snodgrass' demise, I assumed that this little slither-dude was just that! But, the discerning eye of Miss Jemm of Jemm in the Flint Hills saw otherwise. She left the slightest hint in her comment, saying: Robin, that may or may not be... a slug. When I read her comment, it didn't immediately register. Not a slug! Not sure how it didn't register, but my brain makes incorrect associations sometimes, like when I heard a radio snippet one day. I heard the words "ten thousand feet in the air" and my first thought was of 5,000 people with their feet in the air -- not a span of vertical distance. But I digress. I do think Miss Jemm is right. We may have a little slug-ling. A slug, who, by the way, is once again noshing on carrot as I type this! I should be a pre-school science teacher. James adds from the other room as I post this: call him Simon the slug!

Perhaps I should stop waiting for the new inhabitant to grow a shell...ha.


  1. You are too funny Robin!!! Thanks for the link :)

  2. He he, I like Simon the slug, very cute!! I'm sending out Saylors bandy today!!

  3. RIP, Snodgrass...and I second the notion that that is a slug bebe. Cute on your carrot, havoc-wreaking out in the garden (they ate big holes in my radishes!).


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