Vanilla Hot Chocolate

Just finished editing a technology brief for le day job - yay! - and realized it was tea time. Four o'clock, right? Today's concoction -- vanilla hot chocolate. I used a Trader Joe's cocoa powder, milk, a little cane sugar (because the chocolate isn't sweetened), and the tiniest drop of vanilla. Yum! Not pictured are the chocolate marshmallows that were a gift from my niece. I've since drank the cocoa mix that came with them. And I'm not really a choco-holic, as in the solid stuff, but drinking it is another story.

In other news, we planted tomato plants last evening. Two kinds: the Japanese hybrid called Momotaro (Tough Boy), and then some Early Girl. Sounds like they make a good couple, the tough boy and the early girl.


  1. A good couple indeed! Planting our tomato plants is on my list today and now I shall add having hot chocolate, too. Thanks!

  2. I am soooo jealous that you can plant your tomatoes now, it will be another 5 weeks before I can do that.
    They are the best, still warm from the garden with some s & p, yummy!!

    Yummy cocoa, I'll have to try the drop of vanilla, it sounds great.


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