Yummy Fresh Brewed Japanese Coffee

Hubs and I had lunch at Mitsuwa the other day and after lunch we always go through the aisles to do a little shopping. I got some green tea, and then we both started wondering what Japanese coffee there might be. We did find quite a bit, and got this brand: Drip-On! They're headquartered in Nishi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku,Tokyo (also where Honda, Mitsubishi, NEC, Sony, and Toshiba have headquarters - so quite the center of commerce). And, it is the BEST coffee, which you brew by the cup. Yesterday, we tried it for the first time and I'm a convert! It's so rich and good. It rivals Starbucks for sure, and so easy. However, not the cheapest. Six cups will set you back $3.99. Oh well, you can't have it all.


  1. I have never seen that before. Very interesting!

  2. Gee what an adorable little set up, hmmm it's that good is it? I wonder if we can get it here? I will have to check that out!!


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